Painted Flower Pots

I just wanted to pop in really quick and give you a fun little tip to brighten up your yard -

I picked up some $7 dollar large plastic flower pots from Home Depot – that looked like this:

Image found via Google Images

Then I simply dug out some aqua and plum spray paint and gave them a good spray down!! I did the entire outside and only did about the top 3 inches on the inside – since I knew I was going to be filling it with dirt anyway!

I have had them sitting around my yard and porch for a couple weeks now and fall more and more in love every time I see them! They are just so bright and fun – I want to pick up a few more and add some to my back porch… I am thinking orange would be fun!

And of course I dug out my drink tub turned flower pot – I still love it!

Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday!!


1 comment:

Charity said...

Those are really pretty, great idea. =)


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