Backyard Update -

I have been meaning to post this for a little bit but for some reason I just kept waiting – or forgetting to take the pictures but I finally got my act together to show you our grass in our backyard – I posted about our nightmare backyard in June – so you can read all the details but just as a little refresher – it used to look like this -

backyard_chad_016 copy

and then like this:

And now it looks like this:

IMG_4911 copy

Glorious, beautiful grass!!!

Our family has been loving it and Spencer and I don’t know why we didn’t do it years ago! I love sitting out there watching my munchkins running their little hearts out, falling down, rolling around and giggling the entire time! And we finally set up our little pool for them to play in and that is lovely too! I thank the Lord for it every night – it has been that wonderful to have!

Our garden boxes are growing (finally) too! They had a hard time at first – I probably planted them too late – but they finally perked up and started growing! It is fun to see the before:

And the Now!

IMG_4904 copyIMG_4910 copy

And if you look really close – you can see veggies growing!!

We still have a few projects out there to finish up – but don’t you think it looks so MUCH better!!!??

Me too!!!



Unknown said...

Glorious! Isn't grass wonderful?! Looks great and your garden is doing pretty well--enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic! I have lots of bald patches in my lawn since pulling up all the weeds, but I'm hoping one day I will have lush green grass like you!


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