Botany Bedspread

You know how every once in a while your procrastination will pay off??? This is totally one of those times!

Let’s go back two summers ago – I was at my sister in laws house and she had a bunch of beautiful fabric that she kindly gave to me along with a couple of patterns so I could make my baby on the way a fun little quilt. A month later I had still not started on it – something about working part time, remodeling a nursery, helping my husband with his new company and taking care of our one year old – that left the fabric bundled up in my closet. She asked if I had started yet and I told her sadly, that I had not. She offered to take it all back and make the quilt top herself so all I’d have to do is get it quilted and bind it. Ummmm…. yes please!!

A week later a darling little quilt top landed on my doorstep – and I folded it up and put it my closet so I could get it finished.

My daughter is now 20 months old.

The quilt top was still folded up in my closet.


Enter 6 weeks ago – the baby growing in my tummy is deemed a boy and I go into “nesting” mode because I have a lot of work to do! While wondering what colors I should do for the rooms I was going through a bunch of crafting stuff in my craft closet and came across the quilt top. It has been on the back of my mind for –oh 20+ months – I put it in the “to do” pile and finally on a Saturday swung by Material Girls and had it quilted. Phew…. now all I needed to do was bind it!

A couple weeks later I was still worrying and fretting over what I should do for Tenley’s room. Noticing the quilt was still in the “to finish” pile and thinking about how much  I was/am still totally in love with it and like a light bulb – the light flicked on and I knew it was going to be her bedspread and the base for the colors in her room! Finally – I had a game plan for her room too!!

The problem: I had no idea what the name of the fabric was or where to find a match since it had been 2+ years since the quilt top was already made. I went to a bunch of fabric stores looking for a fabric that would be close enough to the colors in the quilt that I could use one and couldn’t find anything I liked. In desperation I made a phone call to my SIL asking if there was anyway she had any scraps from the line… and she did!!


I headed on over, picked up a bag of scraps – and found that there is actually quite a few and I could do quite a few things – but first things first – Bind that Quilt!!

Botany Bedspread (14) copy

By having the scraps and looking on the sides of them I found out that the fabric line is Botany by Moda. I also found a  few shops on ETSY that sell the fabric if you wanted some!!

Botany Bedspread (7) copy

When I had it quilted I used a brown minky so it would be really soft.

The Eagle Mountain Quilting ladies have so many cute quilt patterns and I picked out a large daisy pattern and I love it!! I wanted something flowery, but not too crazy because I didn’t want to take away from the pattern on the front. I think it worked out perfectly.

Botany Bedspread (15) copy

I was able to use some scraps of matching blue and do a 2 1/2 inch binding – I machine stitched on the front and finished it up binding on the back by hand. I worked on it this past weekend and it got it all finished up!!

Botany Bedspread (17) copy

I sort of really love {triple puffy heart} it!!

Botany Bedspread (16) copy

And it is the perfect fit for Tenley’s room and bed!!

See… sometimes procrastination totally pays off!!!

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Rhiannon said...

that is beautiful!

Traci said...

love it! colors, quilted pattern! it looks great!

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

That is so darling!! I love the quilt!!

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

Super cute!!! You did an amazing job on it and I love the colors!

KC Coake said...

So cute! Love the colors and the soft cozy fabric for the back.


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