Create Binding From Fabric {Tutorial}

I have been a busy girl this summer getting things ready for the new baby – One thing that I have been busy doing is sewing up new items for his and my {soon to be 3-year olds} room, making baby blankets and remaking a room for my daughter. It’s a lot – but it has been fun and I have learned a few new things that I will be sharing over the next couple months. One thing that rooms and blankets brings to the plate is binding – I have been making fabric binding (like the stuff I used to bind this quilt/bedspread) like crazy and I thought it would be a fun to share the tutorial of exactly how I do it (since you will be seeing it again and again!)

The first thing you want to do is cut your fabric into strips. I use 2 1/2 inch strips and 6” strips – either will work just perfect it just depends on what you are using it for and what you want the outcome to look like.

After all your strips are cut, you are going to sew them together – this is a BIG part of how your binding will turn out! You want to lay your fabric strips with right sides together at a 90 degree angle.

Next, you will want to stitch from corner to corner. This diagonal stitch is the key to a great binding!  If you are new to sewing you will want to take a pen and mark the line and then stitch it. You can see my stitches next to the white line so you can see which corners I am talking about.  When I am making my fabric binding, I always lay the fabric the same way and always stitch the same corner-to-corner.

When you open up the fabric after you have stitched it, your fabric strip should look like this: (yes, I know my stripes are off!)

If you accidently sewed the wrong corners (no worries! I have done it before too) it will be backwards and you simply need to unpick and try once again! Keep sewing your strips together with the diagonal stitch until you have ONE long continuous piece.

After you have one long strip, go back and snip off the extra material above your diagonal stitch leaving about 1/2 an inch.

Press each one open.

Last, you will want to fold your fabric together with the right sides facing out and press.

Your fabric binding is complete and you are ready to bind your quilt/blanket!

To learn to bind a quilt you can follow this tutorial – it is the best one I have found – and she does her binding just like me!!


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