Friday Favorites

Remember back in the day when I used to do a “Friday Favorites”….

Well I was sitting here, while my kids nap, thinking about my blog and thought that I should do it again! I found some really cute ideas that I wanted to share…

…like these Ribbon Curtain Hooks found via Pinterest (I could not for the life of me track down the original)

Ribbon Curtain "Hooks"

Or this awesome idea for flatware – we still (sigh) don’t have cabinet doors or drawers yet so I could probably make this work!!

so much better than a flatware tray!

I adore this headboard from Being Brook!!

I am in love with this garbage can turned side table!

Spray paint a metal trash can and flip over for an instant side table.

When we redo our deck next year – I totally want this swing!!

Great for left over baby mattress!

Aren’t these ideas lovely – this is one reason why I totally adore blogging (and pinterest!)

This post brought to you by Craft Vinyl (my favorite place to buy all my vinyl!)


1 comment:

pamala said...

Oh my word, love these items too! That swing looks SO fun! Like a twin bed that swings!


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