Guest Bathroom Makeover

When we moved into our home, our guest bathroom was this bombshell…

Wouldn’t you feel comfortable using this….? haha!
Or maybe the one at the gas station around the corner might suit you a bit better!

Nasty right!

Of course, when we did our big remodel we didn’t leave it untouched – You find more about that here. We completely gutted the entire bathroom – and added new everything! Paint, mirror, baseboards, tile, toilet and sink! But that is about as far as it got. A bit better right. At least it is clean and smells nice – but still lacking that “emph” I was going for… But after remodeling a whole house I needed sometime away from remodeling.

And then I got the itch – “the please remodel me and make me look beautiful” itch – and when I get that itch I have to scratch it! So with the help of my husband, we completely gutted the bathroom once again. Only because it is much easier to complete projects without having to work around the sink and toilet. They were still in awesome shape so we just stored them away for a few days so we could use them again. This bathroom is attached to our laundry room and I really wanted something bright and fun! Something fun

for the laundry room, but have a bright and clean feeling for our guests.

How about green apple paint???!! Love it!!

I headed to Home Depot and grabbed a gallon of Glidden Spring Cactus and some beadboard and trim. I already had the Glidden Antique White Paint on hand from some other projects. My husband is a total stud and after I got everything painted Spring Cactus, he helped me cut and pin up all the beadboard and trim. Then I simply caulked, sanded and painted the beadboard. I make is sound so easy but it is quite the project! Spencer reinstalled the sink and toilet and we were back in business! I added a new mirror and lights too!

And in case you were wondering… I decided to go with a pedestal sink since this bathroom is so close to the laundry room. I didn’t want the cabinet to become a “catch-all” as my kids got older!

We also finally installed a hand towel rack and toilet paper holder. I had a hard time deciding on what color I should do the rugs and towels and such but after browsing around Target, I decided on a light brown. I think it coordinates perfectly with the green and white – which is important, even in a bathroom! I even bought a stainless steel garbage can to tie in all the silver too!

I still have a few project that I need to do – like I want a cute little shelf above the toilet to store extra supplies like toilet paper and soap – which is also important in a bathroom. Especially a guest bathroom! Right now I set an extra roll on the back of the toilet but it would be nice to have it up and out – can you feel another project coming up?? I also think it would be nice to have some Kleenex Hand Towels for our guests so they don’t have to use the same hanging towel – nice right!? We also have one window left to install (in brick so it is going to be a pain!) – and yes, it just so happens to be in this bathroom – so I haven’t been able to put up the finish trim around the window yet or hang the blinds (also important in a bathroom! haha!) but we have privacy glass so you don’t have to worry!

IMG_4778 copy

Much better right? Now you don’t have to use the bathroom at the gas station around the corner!

IMG_4781 copy

I love the way it has turned out so far! It is so bright and fun and inviting and clean!! My favorite bathroom in the house for sure!

So – what do you think? Much better right? I mentioned a bunch of important things in a guest bathroom – what do you feel is important in a nice clean guest bathroom? Join the 14 million people who have already joined the Clean Hands campaign by using Kleenex Hand Towels, and click here for savings and more!   

I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.



Kristie said...

I like the light brown. If I had it, I think it wouldn't show as much dirt as my kids track into the bathroom, which would be nice. I swear I clean that bathroom, turn around, and it is already filthy again!
Looks lovely!

Brittany @ My Decoupaged Life said...

I love the green! It's so bright and fun. And you're right, the before picture is pretty darn scary!

My Rags to Riches said...

Very Nice! I'm in the process of putting beadboard up in my tiny bathroom, this inspires me to finish, because yours looks so beautiful! I have my beadboard up and baseboards installed and I kind of puttered out there. Now I feel like running to Lowes and getting my chair rail and finishing the project!

Cynthia said...

That is a HUGE change! Looks awesome!

Unknown said...

Much much much better ;) Love it!


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