Jelly Roll Slipcover Pillow {Tutorial}

Hi Friends!! I hope you had a great weekend!
It was my birthday so I spent the weekend playing with my family and eating lots of cake and ice cream!!
I also saw Batman!! Loved it!!

And of course – I keep plugging along on my kids rooms! I know I haven’t shared anything with the boys room – but trust me – it is coming along!! This past week I was sewing and was thinking about that bag of scraps that I told you about when I posted the Botany Bedspread – and thought it would be fun to whip up a pillow for Tenley’s bed – and so I did! A lot of the scraps belong to a jelly roll – so I whipped up this striped little beauty!

First – I dumped out all my scraps on the table!!

Then I started picking out some of my favorite patterns and colors that I thought looked nice together and laying them out.

The pillow form I have is a 14x14 – so I knew I needed to sew a few together to get about 14-15 inches. I sewed them with a 1/2” seam and kept measuring when I thought I was about to 14” to make sure I didn’t go over too much. It ended up working out perfectly and I ended up with almost a 15” piece – I like my pillows to be full and fluffy so I knew that I wanted it to be a little bit less than 14x14 so the pillow would be shoved in and full.

When I had my width – I cut off the ends to make them even. Each piece of the jelly roll was a little bit bigger or smaller so I just trimmed up the end. One end was perfectly straight since that was the end I sewed from.

When both ends were straight, I hemmed them up and made a nice seam. Since this will be a slipcover, I like my seams to be a 1/2”.

With right sides touching, I folded over each end until I had 14 inches – then I stitched the top and bottom together using a 1/2”. Make sure your stripes are lined up as best as you can!

Then simply snip the corners …

… shove your pillow form in and your done!!

Moda Botany Jelly Roll Pillow Slipcover (10) copy

I love this line with the all the fun patterns, colors and flowers and think it turned out just lovely!

Moda Botany Jelly Roll Pillow Slipcover (12) copy

So before you go throwing all your scraps away --- remember you just might need them for a fun little project!
Have a happy Monday and great week! 


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Leanne said...

Beautiful pillow! I love the fabric!

Ashley @ Domestic Imperfection said...

This pillow is adorable! I just may have to copy it using that fabric bundle I won in your contest. I've never seen an envelope cover sewn that way either, out of one long piece. It is an envelope cover, right?


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