Repainted Dresser with Cute & Colorful Knobs!!

Since I want to bring in a lot of white to Tenley’s room – I repainted her dresser – white!
Then I headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few knobs to bring color to the dresser.

In her nursery, the dresser was off-white with plain silver knobs -

IMG_8781 copy

but I am loving the bright white and colorful knobs so much more!! I love the contrast of the painted wall behind the dresser too.

I used the same paint for her dresser as the baseboards in our home – it is Glidden Antique White. I hauled it down the stairs and out to the back deck where I spent a day applying coat after coat of white and love how it turned out. But really – the kicker in the simple little project was just changing up the knobs. It is amazing how much a knob can change a project. As you can see I picked out pink, blue, green and orangish knobs – and I love that I decided to go with two of each so each drawer is a different color. I love they way they pop against the white background.

white dresser with knobs (8) copywhite dresser with knobs (9) copy

I didn’t do a tutorial because there are already so many out there.
For tips on how to paint furniture you can go here, or here or even here!



Kara said...

Those knobs really do take it up a notch. Just darling!

Lori Faas said...

Very Cute! Hobby Lobby Rocks!


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