Outside The Box with Make-Up

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Normally I am a boring brown eye shadow kind a girl - I have worn brown shades forever and very rarely do I venture outside my box. So I pretty much look the same every. single. day. When I was contacted to try out the Revlon Expression Experiment I thought it would be a fun chance to change things up and try out some colors I wouldn't normally pick for myself - get myself a little bit out of the box! And boy did it - I felt like I was channeling my inner movie star when I opened the box and found all these fun and new shades! 


The whole point of the Revlon Expression Experiment is to take women out of their comfort zone and help them to express themselves in more empowering ways - I thought this was perfect since the main color I was staring at was red lipstick! I feel like red is so bold and confident - something I need to work on. 

So here we go! Let's start with one 33 week prego and tired mamma and see what we can do! 

I have to tell you that my favortie new product is the makeup primer. I totally love it! I love the smooth way it rubs on and the effect it has upon my skin. I also had a lot of fun with the blue and green eye shadow. I have worn that more times than I thought I would. Even the red lipstick is a fun change. Sometimes I wear it when I am vaccuming because it makes it a little more sexy! haha! 

I also really love the nail polish! I read one time that painting your toes nails red or pink would make you happier - since my teens I have been painting red and pink but the blue was actually really fun and it says it is colorstay and will stay 10 days and still look awesome! I am really hard on my feet (no shoes, flip flops or sandels) and the nail polish held up great! 

If you are stuck in a funk and feel the need for something outside the box - I would totally encourage you to try Revlons new line and express yourself differently. You never know, you maybe like me and really like the change! You can join the movement of self expression with the Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook application! 

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Do you guys try out new make-up colors or are you pretty true to one shade? How do you feel about the new expressions experiment? 



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Chevron Car Seat Cover {Tutorial}

Chevron Car Seat Cover (27) copy

I will be the first to admit that I am a little behind on the Chevron Trend – but when I saw this fun gray and white chevron fabric by Adorn It – I knew it was perfect for baby number 3’s car seat cover! I love how it turned out! I wanted something cute, fun but still simple. I know there are a few tutorials out there for car seat covers – some that are even a little more in depth than mine – but I wanted to share how I made mine.

First: You will need 1 1/4 yard of your outer fabric and 1 yard of inner fabric. You may recognize my inner fabric from the Peak Hour line by Riley Blake – since it is from the fabric in their room!

With right sides together – match up the inner side and outer side and trim off the 1/4 extra. (and any other extra there may be)

Next, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, I sewed the fabric together – leaving a small opening so I would be able to flip it inside out. Before I flipped it inside out I snipped off the corners.


After I flipped it inside-out, I stitched around the fabric once again. I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance and it closed up the small hole perfectly. You can’t even tell that it was never stitched there in the first place. This also holds the fabric in place so it doesn’t get twisted up in the wash.

For the straps I decided to go with snaps. They seemed “boyish” and worked out perfect for the look I was going for. I always mark where my straps are going to go. If you have a car seat you can out the cover on and mark it that way. If you don’t have one, fold the fabric in half – but then pull one side down about 5 inches longer than the other side – find the middle and then pin each strap spot about 5 inches away from the middle.

For the straps I cut two pieces of fabric from the extra 1/4 so that they were 5 inches wide. With right sides together I stitched them together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. I left the bottom open.

Next, I folded in the end about 1//2 an inch and pressed.

Following the same technique I used for the cover, I stitched around the outside of each strip using a 1/4 seam allowance.

Lastly, I followed this tutorial and inserted my snaps – sew easy!!

Then I stitched and backstitched and stitched and backstitched again – the straps onto the cover where the pins where.

and was done!

Chevron Car Seat Cover (22) copyChevron Car Seat Cover (23) copy

I love how well the green fabric matches my car seat! Darling! And the snaps are the perfect addition.

Now I just need the sweet baby!!


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Toy Box Revamp

We have had this wooden toy box for a few years – My parents bought it when I was younger and somehow over the years, it ended up at my home. I used it to store a few quilts and it basically just sat unused in my son’s old room. It is pretty beat up from years of wear and tear but is still a really solid piece.

When I switched the kids rooms around. I knew that I wanted to make good use of it – so it totally got a makeover last week for my daughters room!!

I love the finished product and it matched her room perfect!!

The first thing I did was haul it outside and gave it a good coat of white spray paint. I have never used the Dual Paint and Primer from Krylon so I gave it a shot – and I actually really liked it!

Wooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (5) copy

While it was drying in the sunshine… I sewed a topper for the chest. Using the scraps I had, I patterned it after the bedspread in her room.

I have only wanted to use things that I already had on hand – so I used batting for the stuffing inside. Yes, foam would have been an easier choice, but I didn’t have any in all my crafting supplies. I used the batting and layered it up to my desired “softness.”

Then using my staple gun (fancy right?) I stapled the batting to the edges of the toy box.

When my batting was in place, I positioned my topper in the middle and then folded the sides over the top of the box and stapled them underneath.

To hide the staples and because it is super cute – I used some brown Jumbo Ric Rac and hot glued it along the edge of the fabric.

I love the way it looks when the lid is down and it was just that little bit of extra “cuteness” I was looking for!

Wooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (32) copy

And then I was done!!

Wooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (21) copyWooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (31) copy

I made a jelly roll pillow and a charm pack pillow to set on top and finish it off -

It has been fun (and comfy) to relax on it and read her stories – and to find her sitting there looking at her books. It has been the perfect little addition to her room!

Wooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (41) copy


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