Ruffle Fabric Name Wall Art {Tutorial}

I have been working on the wall above my daughters bed lately and wanted to put her name up there somewhere… I cut out some vinyl and put it up but after looking at for a bit decided that I didn’t like it for that space and wanted something with a little extra emph! I decided that I wanted to use up some fabric scraps and frame her name – so drawing on some inspiration from this post, I made a fun little wall art with her name – and I love how it turned out!

I have a closet full of junk crafting stuff that I have been wanting to clean out and use – so my goal for my kids rooms is to use as much from this closet as I can! I found this old wooden black frame and knew it would be perfect for this project.

I took it outside and gave it a good coat of “Watermelon” by Krylon – and while the frame was drying I cut out the letters for her name. I have never cut out fabric with my Silhouette before but it worked like a charm and was so simple!


First, iron your fabric onto wonder under - 

I used scraps from a charm pack so my fabric was 5”x5”. I wanted each letter to be in a different color and pattern – so I used 6 different kinds. I chose the font that I wanted (CK Handprint) and cutting out one letter at a time, I put the fabric right side up on the cutting mat and fed it into the Silhouette – and let the SD work it’s magic!

Ruffle Fabric Name Wall Art (3) copy

I used the thickest blade and double cut the fabric and it worked out perfect! Repeat for all your letters.

If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can still make this project – just print and cut out your letters on regular paper – then pin the letter template to your fabric and cut out your letters! I did this ALL the TIME before I had the Silhouette.

After all your letters are cut out – iron them onto your background fabric. I just used plain white. I didn’t even bother stitching them on because it is never going to be used for anything other than décor -

Next, I chose a coordinating fabric and ripped it into  inch strips – I love the frayed look and once again – since it will only be décor I was good with doing nothing to hem it.

Starting in the corner and using my hot glue gun, I started gluing my strips into the frame. I glued right along the edge for the glass and pictures. Using my fingers I scrunched up my fabric to make it “ruffle.” I really had no organization to it – I just did it as I pleased. When I got to the corner I glued all the way to the corner – and then turned the fabric and kept on going down the next side. When I got to the end of a piece, I applied a bit of glue to the strip and folded it over – then started the next strip right on top of the folded part.

When my frame was done, I wrapped the name part around the cardboard that came with the frame – making sure to center it on the other side – and glued it in place.

I slipped it into the frame and was done!

I am totally in love with how it turned out! I love each letter a different pattern and I love the ruffle edge!

It looks awesome above her bed!! I am going to be revealing her whole room in a few days so stay tuned!!


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Charity said...

That is really cute! I love how you added the ruffle inside the frame, instead of on the outside... something new and fun. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the room! =)

Michelle Paige said...

So sweet! Love the ruffle!

Dawn said...

Adorable! Where are your favorite places to find cute fabric? I live in a small town with a JoAnn Fabrics and I'm not overly excited about their selection. I've looked online but I think I'm missing some great find somewhere!
Thanks :)

Traci said...

love this! what a cute and simple project too!!!

Crafty Mischief said...


Kara said...

So cute Amanda! I still haven't cut fabric with my Silhouette, and I really need to try it.

Danice G said...

The frame is so cute. Very creative. I found you on Creations By Kara's Link Party :)

Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

I would love it if you'd link this up to The Pinterest Project!


tenleyalison said...

Love her name!!!

tenleyalison said...

best name ever!


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