Toy Box Revamp

We have had this wooden toy box for a few years – My parents bought it when I was younger and somehow over the years, it ended up at my home. I used it to store a few quilts and it basically just sat unused in my son’s old room. It is pretty beat up from years of wear and tear but is still a really solid piece.

When I switched the kids rooms around. I knew that I wanted to make good use of it – so it totally got a makeover last week for my daughters room!!

I love the finished product and it matched her room perfect!!

The first thing I did was haul it outside and gave it a good coat of white spray paint. I have never used the Dual Paint and Primer from Krylon so I gave it a shot – and I actually really liked it!

Wooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (5) copy

While it was drying in the sunshine… I sewed a topper for the chest. Using the scraps I had, I patterned it after the bedspread in her room.

I have only wanted to use things that I already had on hand – so I used batting for the stuffing inside. Yes, foam would have been an easier choice, but I didn’t have any in all my crafting supplies. I used the batting and layered it up to my desired “softness.”

Then using my staple gun (fancy right?) I stapled the batting to the edges of the toy box.

When my batting was in place, I positioned my topper in the middle and then folded the sides over the top of the box and stapled them underneath.

To hide the staples and because it is super cute – I used some brown Jumbo Ric Rac and hot glued it along the edge of the fabric.

I love the way it looks when the lid is down and it was just that little bit of extra “cuteness” I was looking for!

Wooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (32) copy

And then I was done!!

Wooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (21) copyWooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (31) copy

I made a jelly roll pillow and a charm pack pillow to set on top and finish it off -

It has been fun (and comfy) to relax on it and read her stories – and to find her sitting there looking at her books. It has been the perfect little addition to her room!

Wooden Toy Box Turned Comfy Seat  (41) copy


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Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

This is such a super cute redo Amanda!! I love the top - and that rick rack really finishes it off!! So darling. :)

Heather M said...

Great job! I have in mind to do something similar for the toys that are taking over our living room. Love the rick rack - nice touch!

Unknown said...

Really cute, Amanda! The quilted top totally makes it and the box looks great with the fresh coat of white.

Katie Drane said...

I'm so glad that I'm following you, Amanda! What a clever idea. And it's so cute. Great job!


Unknown said...

Did one can of spray paint do the whole box? I have a similar size toy test I'm thinking about painting, spray paint looks much easier. great idea.

the cape on the corner said...

that's great! there's no reason this can't be a dual purpose piece.


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