Bubble Gum Birthday Party Invitation

Bubble Gum Birthday Party Invite

Yesterday I shared with you the Bubble Gum Machines that I made for the party and today I wanted to share the invite. I put it together using Photoshop. I love how it came together and all the fun colors! Tomorrow I will share the banner, take home gifts and cupcakes that I made.

When I was planning this party I thought it was going to be awesome! I would have lots of fun décor and everyone would have a great time swimming and I would take lots of fun pictures to show you – but then life happens – or actually I should say – my life happens and something always goes wrong. This year – It rained and rained and rained! And the weather thought it would be fun to lightening and thunder too – so an hour before the party, we had the pull the plug on the pool and moved it to our house. I literally had 30 minutes to throw the décor up and figure out a birthday activity so all the kids would have some fun! Spencer dropped me and the kids off and then headed out in search of a piñata – luckily the party came together and it turned out to be really fun – and Quinn had a great time – which is the whole point anyway!


Here’s to better weather next year!!


PS. Today I am over at The Ribbon Retreat posting about this fun wreath!

Double Knotted Fall Ribbon Wreath (15) copy

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