Double-Knotted Fall Ribbon Wreath

Fall is definitely in the air and I have been aching to get out my fall décor and make some new fall projects! I was visiting over at the Ribbon Retreat last week and shared this fun little double-knotted fall ribbon wreath.

Double Knotted Fall Ribbon Wreath (15) copy

You will need: A 14” wreath form
Fray Check
25 yards of 1 1/2 Satin Grosgrain ribbon
( I used the colors wine, olive, yellow gold, nu rust and crème)

I cut each piece of ribbon to be about 15 inches long -

You don’t have too but I fray-checked each end of each piece to keep them from fraying. If you want it to be a little more rustic, don’t worry about it.

The big key to the wreath is how you knot the ties – you want to double knot the ribbon the same way each time. I did right over left and left over right – right over left and left over right – over and over and over again! It doesn’t matter which way you do it, as long as you tie each one the same way every single time.

After you tie each ribbon, push them close together so it is full and keep going until you are done!

I love all the fun fall colors and love this in my home!

Double Knotted Fall Ribbon Wreath (14) copy

I hope you have a wonderful week!



Traci said...

too cute! i may have to be making one of these! now do you have it hanging in ur house or on ur front door??? i wouldn't want it to get ruined!

Unknown said...

Great fall colors. I like how quick and easy this is. Hope you can visit us @ onceuponasewingmachine.com

Amy C said...

I love your wreath!! I love that you used satiny ribbon for it. What a fun thing to hang on your door this time of year. :)


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