Etched Glass Halloween Candy Dish

I am in the final process of finishing up my kiddos rooms so I can do the big reveal in the next couple of weeks but I took a little break and made some fun Halloween crafts! I am loving my new etched glass Halloween candy dish.

etched glass halloween candlesticks (14) copy

To Make Your Own:

1. Buy candlestick and jar from Dollar Tree
2. Spray Paint Candlestick (I used Rustoleum Cinnamon)
3. You can etch the glass (tutorial here) or I just cut out a fun design using frosted glass vinyl

4. Gorilla Glue the etched jar to the candlestick
5. Add super cute ribbon
6. Fill with your favorite Halloween Candy!

etched glass halloween candlesticks (8) copy

I love the etching with the candy behind it – so cute!

etched glass halloween candlesticks (10) copy

You could totally make a few of them and add candles too – they would be super cute!

etched glass halloween candlesticks (15) copy

So the next time you venture into Dollar Tree – grab some candlestick and jars and make a few for your home!


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Amy C said...

That is SO cute! I love that you didn't actually etch it, you used the frosted vinyl. That's a great idea, so if you ever decided to change it you can! BTW, what Dollar Tree do you find those candle sticks at? The one by my house doesn't carry them, or they are always out. :(

Kara said...

So cute Amanda! I love the idea of painting the candlestick to add a pop of color. Perfect!

Rita said...

Very cute idea. Thanks for the tutorial!

Jocelyn said...

What a great idea to use the frosted vinyl in place of real etching cream!!! I always look at those vases in the Dollar Tree and wonder what I could make...now I have a cute idea!!!


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