Make Your Own Gum Ball Machine {Tutorial}

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This past weekend I threw a fun little party for my son’s third birthday! He has been loving gum lately so I thought he would love a bubble gum party. I wanted to keep it super cute but super simple – so instead of ordering gumball machines I made a couple for the décor. I had seen the idea somewhere to use terra cotta planters and went with that.  They were so cheap and easy to make – I did it in an hour one afternoon!

To make your own gumball machine you will need:
Terra Cotta Planters with water catcher thing. (From Home Depot)
Glass bowls (From Dollar Tree)
Wooden Knobs (From Hobby Lobby)
Glue (From Home Depot)
Red Spray Paint (From Home Depot)
Ribbon (Optional) – (From Hobby Lobby)

The first thing I did was spray the inside of the water catcher part of the planters – these will be your lids.

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Next, I sprayed the planter part. I used Rust-Oleum Colonial Red in Gloss – and felt it was the perfect “gum ball machine” color.

When the inside of the lid was dry, I flipped it over and glued the wooden knob onto the center. Then I gave the lid a good coat of paint as well.

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When the bottom part was dry, I used glue and glued the glass bowl onto the top. When the glue was dry, I filled it with gumballs and added a fun yellow ribbon.

Make your own bubble gum machine (14) copy

Add your lid to the top and you are done!

Make your own bubble gum machine (15) copy

It turned out so cute and was so happy with them! The best part is that now I have a couple of cute little candy dishes to use around my house! When the gumballs are gone I am going to fill them with candy corn!! Yay!! I may even change up the bow a bit!!


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gail@My Repurposed Life said...

so cute! I pinned it. :)


Unknown said...

That's a really cute idea, Amanda! That looks just like a gumball machine and would be so easy to make several and customize for the season. Love it!

Unknown said...

This is SO CUTE! I'm going to pin it right now. Great visual instructions too!

Kelly at Smart! School {House}

Unknown said...

Water catcher made me laugh. I think it's called a saucer, like a cup!

I like the paint you used. I think it makes it look really great!


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