Texturized Witch Art

Happy Wednesday Night!

I just wanted to pop in real fast and share a fun little “Witch Art” with you for Halloween.
I love the way it turned it and love it with my Halloween Décor!

If you want to make one too – here is what you do:

Cut the size of MDF that you want. Mine is 15 x15 inches.
Use Texturizing Cream from PoppySeed Projects to create a layer.
When the texture layer is dry – spray or paint on your base color. Mine is White.
When that layer is dry spray or paint on your next layer. Mine is Orange.
Apply your “witchy” vinyl.
Spray or Paint on your last layer. Mine is black.
When everything is dry – use sandpaper and lightly sand the paint off until you have your desired look. Be careful when you sand – the paint will come off easier than you think. 
Tie on a ribbon and you are done! 

Texturized Witch Art (11) copy


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