Fall Fever: Please Welcome Allison from A Glimpse Inside

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Hi everyone!
I am Allison from A Glimpse Inside.
I am very happy to be here today to share my new fall wreath.

I kept seeing so many great fall wreaths out in blogland and my fall wreath could definitely use a face lift so I decided to go ahead and make a whole new one.

Here is my Fall Ruffled Burlap Berry Wreath (say that 5 times fast! lol)

Here is a quick tutorial on how I created it.
-Wreath form
-For the brown burlap, I bought the burlap garland at Michael's.
-Red burlap
-Floral Pins
-Berry garland (also from Michael's)
-Small Glittery Pumpkins (from Hobby Lobby)

I wrapped my wreath form with a red ribbon so if there was any gaps in the burlap, you wouldn't see the white form. I actually used the back side of the ribbon because it was a little lighter than the actually red.

I took the burlap garland and pinned it to my wreath form. 
I just twisted and ruffled or bubbled it and when I was happy with positioning I would place a pin. 
If there was a bare spot, I could easy pull out a pin and mess with it a bit or just wait until I used the red burlap to fill in the gaps.

For the red burlap, I just cut squares and gathered the corners and pushed a pin through it.

I just randomly placed them throughout the wreath. Some are filling flat or empty spots.
Some are hiding pins that are holding the brown burlap down.

I then took the berry garland and pinned it to the back of the wreath. I weaved it in and out of the burlap pinning every so often to hold it in place.

Here is a little closer look at the berries.

I bought these two little pumpkins and glued them together.
I then hot glued some pins on the back of them so I could put them on the wreath.

I actually placed a little bit of hot glue on the ends of the pins so when I pushed them through the fabric and the wreath form they would stay.

I messed around with the berries until I liked where they were all positioned and it was complete! 

I'm pretty excited about my new fall wreath!

It makes the perfect fall addition to my front door! :) 
Thanks for having me Amanda!

I love love love this wreath! It is darling!


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