Fall Fever: Please Welcome Melanie from The Crafty Cupboard

Hey there!  I’m Melanie from The Crafty Cupboard, where I blog mostly about my sewing adventures for myself and my three little girls, and the ways I am sprucing up my little condo while my husband is in Grad School. I am glad to be here today while Amanda is enjoying her family and recovering.

Halloween Feather Wreath

I live in Arizona, and while I actually do love the heat, it means that we generally miss out on Fall when everyone else is having it.  We do get to join in on the fun for Halloween, though, like with a fun Halloween Feather Wreath!

I had a feather wreath on my front door, which was actually two feather boas from Hobby Lobby wrapped around a frame from the dollar store (so, roughly $6 spent). 

Wrap Boa around frame

I loved it how it was, but I was getting antsy to spruce things up a bit, so I decided to add more to it!  I’ll show you a bit of what I did to make the mini witch hats that I put on.

Trace circles

First, I took a can from my pantry and traced around it several times onto some Halloween scrapbook paper, then cut them out.

PUnch holes

Next, I cut out 2” circles with my Fiskars circle punch.  Fast and easy.

Half circle for hat top

Cut all the bigger circles in half, and twist the half circle into a cone shape.  The more overlap you make, the steeper the hat will be. 

Assebled Hats

Then I hot-glued the tops to the 2” circles, and had a little collection of mini witch hats! 

Feathers and Hats

I hung it on the door, and decided it definitely needed more.  I pulled out some wooden letters from Hobby Lobby, painted them black, and glued/mod podged Halloween paper to create the BOO phrase.  Finally finished!

Add a BOO

Tip: If your door can’t close with a wreath hanger, like mine, go for ribbon or fabric.  This stripe fabric was perfect, especially when ripped to size instead of neatly cut.  Then, put a flat tack into the fabric where it will reach over the door, and (if your door isn’t solid metal) push the tack into the top of the door to hold it in place, and cut off any excess fabric/ribbon that hangs over to the other side.  Your door should close nice and easy!

Pin in bow to hang

Thanks for having me, and feel free to stop by The Crafty Cupboard to say hello!

Thank you so much Melanie! I am dying over how cute this wreath is!! 


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