Fall Fever: Please Welcome Nathan from Nathan McGee and Cricut

Please welcome Nathan! Nathan McGee is an avid [man] crafter and father of 2. He has just ventured into craft blogging and will be posting his projects on his blog. Recently he landed his dream job as Director of Social Media and PR at Provo Craft, makers of the Cricut Electronic Cutting Machine. You can view Nathan’s recent appearance on Dayton Ohio’s Fox 45 morning show here!

Last Halloween I took my 2 kids to the “good” neighborhood. You know, the one infamous for giving out tons of candy. 45 minutes into it and only 2 streets later… “daddy, my bucket is too heavy… can we go home?” “Just a couple more houses…” Usually I’m the one saying, “2 more bites of broccoli then you can have some dessert,” and here I was, having to coax my kids to get more candy.

What a haul! We had a serious stock of candy! Even after the obligatory “parent candy tax” there was
still a ton of candy (we’re talking close to 10lbs each)!

Of course you can eat it, but that just seems so boring. Here are 10 ideas on what you can do with your excess candy.

#1 Freeze it for ice cream, shakes, cookies, and other cooking endeavors (or just eat it frozen)

This is probably the most common use for extra candy; toss it in cookies and cakes. Often times I can’t wait for the cooking and find myself chomping down on the frozen confections. This is surprisingly enjoyable.

#2 Use it for bribery

I know there are better ways to get the kids to clean their rooms. Child psychologists tout methods like, positive reinforcement, discussing the benefits of the outcome, etc. Throw in sleep deprivation, in-laws coming over in an hour and a house looking like a tornado hit it, spending 30 minutes discussing how proud little Timmy will feel having done a great job just doesn’t cut it.

“Get this room cleaned up in 10 minutes and I’ll give you a whole pile of candy!”

#3 Make friends at work

Get to know your coworkers better by setting out a dish at your desk. As they come to grab a piece, get them talking by asking them questions like:
  • What is a talent that you have that most people don’t know about?
  • What is your dream vacation?
  • If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

You’ll be surprised how a little candy can get people talking!

#4 Thanksgiving dish

The turkey is never done when right when I want it to be. Keep that hunger at bay by placing out the
candy as a slight pre-meal snack. Just be sure not to fill up on it.

It also helps to provide a slight boost in the post meal comatose.

#5 Thanksgiving or Christmas Piñata filler

Piñtas don’t have to be just for birthday parties! What a better way to entertain young guest and
help them burn off some energy, than to giving them a big stick and ask them to beat the crud out of a
decorated cardboard box filled with candy!

#6 Gingerbread décor

This one is one of my favorite, because now you are starting to get crafty with your candy. Bust out your architectural skills and design your gingerbread mansion adorned with the wide assortment of collected candy from the neighbors and put it in the front window for all to see. You can tell everyone it was a group effort!

But be sure to keep all the wrappers…

#7 Use the wrappers for craft projects!

Also one of my favorites! Not only is this a crafty use, but you can also show off how green you are!
Nothing goes to waste for you, the hip and environmentally conscious crafter. Think of it as, FREE

The internet is full of inspiration and ideas. Here is a great list of 10 Crazy Crafts With Candy Wrappers from earth911.com to get those creative juices flowing!

#8 Create an advent calendar!

Christmas is coming and what a better way to count down the days! I am currently working on a great
Advent Calendar project that I will be posting on my blog in the coming weeks that will be awesome for this! So stay tuned!

#9 Stocking stuffers for Christmas

I’ve actually been doing this for a few years now and it is an awesome idea! You have to sort through
the candy and use only the ones that aren’t decorated with Halloween themes, but this saves you
money and time!

I don’t know what this says about me, but I get a kick out of watching the kids get so excited about
candy they already had. Like re-wrapping their toys up and giving it to them again… and they are still just as thrilled. A bit devious… but fun non-the-less.

#10 Make gift boxes/baskets

Take some of the stress out of gift giving season by make simple gift bags, boxes or baskets and giving that candy away. Pull out the glue gun and decorate with ribbon, stickers, paper cut-outs and of course glitter and you have a fantastic gift anyone can appreciate!


There are so many great ideas… I just didn’t want to stop at 10! Here are 2 more bonus uses for extra
Halloween candy.

#11 Candy Leis

Leis have a long rich history in Hawaiian culture. A more modern variation is to take plastic wrap, put
small piles of candy along the length of it, roll it up and tie it off in between your candy piles. Finish it off by tying the two ends together creating a necklace of sort.

A great example is this post by the Oh Nuts blog.

#12 Create colored/flavored toppings

Take those hard candies or chalky candies and crush them into powder. You can organize them into
colors and now you have a decorative and flavored sugar to use in cake and cookie decoration, top ice cream or add flare to your baking projects.

Not a big haul this year?

Hey, the economy’s been tough this past year and that might be reflected in this year’s Halloween take. Not to worry because come Nov. 1st, all that left over Halloween candies sitting on store shelves gets priced to move! So even if Timmy’s bag wasn’t complete full, you’ll still have an opportunity to put these suggestions to use!

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions…

What are some of your favorite uses of left over candy?

Happy Halloween!!!

These are awesome ideas! I love the thought of freezing the candy or using it for gingerbread houses! Thanks so much for guest posting today! 


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Look at you guest posting Nathan! Woo hoo! Some great ideas, we always have candy left over!


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