Still Adjusting -

The Fall Fever Series has come and gone and I am still trying to adjust to my new little one.

I thought taking a month off and leaving you in the hands of wonderful guest posters would be just the ticket to getting back on track and getting things pulled together – but I still am not there yet.

No matter what I do – something is going to suffer and fail for a little bit and I am determined to not let it be my children.

I will not fail as their mother.

So standby – things will be scarce for a little bit but I will be back – and I have some fun things to share!


Kristie said...

Yep, that is the way I feel a lot. Don't want to let anything fail, especially not the kids.
Take your time, don't rush back. Get to where you need to be before you come back. I know for 3 kids it kinda threw me off my rocker/planned schedule for a while.
You will get it! And enjoy the baby, as they do grow up way too fast!

Kathy's Fistfull of Daisies said...

As a mother of 4 kiddos, and one of them about ready to leave our nest, you will never regret the time you give them. Blink and they're gone. Love them. Be with them. Cherish them. It goes by so fast. We will all still be here.

Harrisons said...

Take your time! That third kid threw me for a loop that I just wasn't expecting. And they grow up way too fast. Crafting and blogging can wait :)


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