Hand Print Christmas Trees

hand print Christmas tree (4) copy

My kids love to help mommy craft – so I thought it would be fun to let them do a little painting as well! Michelle over at A Little Tipsy had done these in years past and I thought my kids would love it – I was right! They loved “painting” and making a Christmas Tree! I used some green craft paint and painted the palms and fingers of their little hands – then starting at the top we did one hand print, second layer has two prints and the bottom has three prints. I touched up the paint on their hands after every two prints.

hand print Christmas tree (2) copy

I used some brown paint and made a trunk and cut out a yellow star to finish off the tree. I didn’t want to add too much because I wanted their precious little prints to be the main focus. I cut out some vinyl with their names so I will never forget whose is whose and put them in some spare frames I had kickin’ around that I sprayed colonial red by Rustoleum (my favorite red!)

I love how simple it was to make these a fun Christmas décor item for our home and a fun keepsake for years to come! My kids love seeing their Christmas Tree Art and tell me all the time about how they made them! And they turned out super cute to boot!!


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Unknown said...

They turned out fun! I should do this with Lincoln now since the last one just has the three of us.


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