Neighbor Nativity Gifts

Happy Monday everyone! It is snowing buckets here and getting me into the Christmas mood! I love a white Christmas! I have to order two more items for my husband and then my Christmas shopping is completely done so I am really into the Christmas spirit now! This year we are trying to focus more on the spiritual side of Christmas instead of the material side so we tired to incorporate that into our neighbor gifts. This past week I finished them up and love how they turned out – neighbor nativity gifts.

They were so simple to make too! I simply (asked my husband to) cut the 2x6 into blocks. They come out at 5.5x5.5 blocks and you can get 16 from one piece – so cheap! Then simply sand them down and spray them cream and/or brown. For the cream ones I sprayed a light coat of brown on first so when I sanded them down they would look more distressed. Then apply coordinating vinyl and wrap them up with a bow! I used my vinyl cutter  and software to cut out the vinyl nativity.

neighbor nativity gifts1

I love these because they are so simple but yet elegant too – plus they represent what our family believes to be the true meaning of Christmas.

If you don’t have a neighbor gift yet – run to home depot and pick up your wood and paint today!



Unknown said...

I just used this exact nativity design to make a glitter canvas. These are really cute!

Amy C said...

I love the look of these, and the simplicity! I'm sure your neighbors will love them!

Raquel said...

Love the nativity scene. Do you mind sharing where you found/bought it from?

Dresden said...

great idea!

Unknown said...

I was just looking for a good nativity scene to cut and put on ornaments! Can you share where you found this one?

Traci said...

k so love these and need to get me a vinyl machine- it's a siluette(sp?) machine u use is that correct???
i need to start getting my craft on one of these days! thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Ours is still in the middle of our table. I liked having it right in the middle of every thing as a reminder.


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