Sharing the Joy

One of my favorite parts of this fun Holiday season is how everyone opens their hearts to help those that are less fortunate than they are. My husband and I are not rich by any means but we know that we have more than other people might and feel truly blessed. Since we are so blessed we love to help out those who may be having a hard time and set a good example of giving to other for our children.

Since we have been married (5 years) each Christmas we have chosen a treat (cinnamon bread, Oreos, etc.) and something warm (socks, gloves, hats) and have taken them around to homeless people on Christmas Eve. One of the neatest things is seeing how those that have received it pay it forward as well. One year we gave some cinnamon bread to a couple people standing in line at a homeless shelter and as we drove by – we saw them both passing out pieces to other people in line. Another year we handed some Oreos to a man on a corner and when we drove by he had walked down by some other less fortunate people and were handing them out.

Talk about making your heart burst!

A couple years ago we also decided to find a family in our own neighborhood who were struggling and “Secret Santa” them. We enlist the help of family and friends and surprise them with a Christmas dinner – along with snacks and toy and outfit for each member of the family. We drop it on the doorstep a few days before Christmas and go home with joyful hearts.

We love sharing the joy of Christmas!

This year, on top of doing our traditional giving, I decided to go to World Market to get some items to create a gift to share with someone in need. I thought long and hard about who would make a good candidate and decided to go with a family in my neighborhood who has struggled with unemployment issues for a few years. They have had to use all their money to go towards “Must Pay” items like house payments and bills and haven’t been able to buy any wants for a while. I have been inside their home a few times and decided to buy some items to spruce up their home a little bit. Every time I have been to World Market I have loved their home d├ęcor items so I knew I could find some good things!

My sister and I headed out last week and together came up with a basket of items for the family.

First off – we needed a basket. We decided to go with a storage basket so they can use it for toys or blankets or whatever they need if for.


Then we picked out some darling curtains and some throw pillows for the couch to match! I love the curtains – they have every color in them so they match with anything! I love how bold and bright and fun they are and World Market has SO MANY curtains like that!! I knew these would be the perfect fit for my friends home!


I also grabbed these darling bangles for the mom of the house because they are fun and sparkly!
(I got a pair for me and some extras for some Christmas gifts! At $4 you cannot go wrong!!)


A couple nights later, we put everything into the darling basket and in true secret Santa fashion delivered the gifts!


I was at their house yesterday and saw the curtains up their front room and the pillows on the couch and it made me super happy! I told her the curtains were darling and with tear filled eyes she told me about the “sweet package” that was left on her doorstep and how blessed they are to have someone thinking of them during a time of need. Again – my heart was full of Joy!

Right now World Market has a Share the Joy Sweepstakes going on! Head on over to win because not only do you win something for yourself but for someone else too!

  • Grand Prize package includes: A $5,000 American Express Gift Card for you and $5,000 for a charity of your choice
  • You could be one of 5 winners (one winner per week).
  • The Share the Joy Sweepstakes ends 12/21/12.

For more information head over to their Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest! Trust me – you want to follow them!

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How are you guys Sharing the Joy this year?


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Angie said...

Well done, Manda! You've inspired me to do something extra special for someone else this season.


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