Just a little update….

It is 9:30 in the morning and I am sitting here at my kitchen table, scattered with remnants from the cinnamon roll breakfast I shared with my children, in my husbands gray soft robe. I am thinking about this blog, as I do most mornings, realizing that I have nothing to share with my wonderful readers this morning either. I have a plethora of unfinished projects lined up in my front room with a firm understanding from my children that they are not to touch. However, I have no clue as to when those projects will actually be completed.

Maybe when I lock my kids in their rooms?

These past few weeks our home has been filled with love and laughter and care for whiney, crying children who have a constant stream of boogers running down their face as their little bodies struggle to fight off illness that seems to be plaguing our family. Illnesses we have been fighting even though they have not even left our house (except for church ONE Sunday) in three weeks and the only place I have been is the grocery store.

Sometimes I live such a glamorous life!

We recently took our 3 year old to the doctor and was told he had blisters on his ear drums. Blisters?? I had never heard of that before. Apparently it is a sort of ear infection that is much more painful than just a regular old ear infection. Even my three month old was stuck with croup like symptoms and ended up with a “barking seal” cough that kept us up night after night.

Let’s add onto the top of that the very few hours I have seen my husband these past couple months. He is a slave to his job people – and some days are harder than others.

Being up night after night with my precious little ones has left very little energy or desire to create, paint or blog. I have had to sort out my priorities and naturally my family and children always take first place. So instead of sewing I am wiping booger noses and instead of painting I am rocking babies and soothing coughs.

I was going over some goals I had made last April and one of them was to be a bit more personal and share more stories with you – so as this year progresses I hope to make this goal more of a reality. I have some good stories to share and hope I can put them into writing.

The soft little baby cries coming from the crib are telling me it is time for 2nd breakfast so I am signing off for now but will be back – hopefully with the really fun winter wreath I have coming together in my front room!



Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Oh Amanda, I hope everyone gets healthy soon, it's so hard to have kids sick for so long :( Hang in there, those projects will get done eventually!

Kara said...

So sorry you're dealing with sick kiddos. We've had the bug at our house as well. Thankfully everyone is finally healthy here. Hope your house will follow soon!

Kristie said...

So sorry your littles are not feeling well. I have been so blessed. My kiddos just don't get sick. Except for once a year antibiotics for strep/ear infections/etc.
Good luck getting everyone well. And enjoy the time with the littles as they don't stay little long enough. Take time to snuggle them, and make the memories.

Emily said...

I am so sorry! Single-handedly taking care of a household is a challenge, but add onto that sick kids, and that is no small feat! Hang in there! Hope your little ones are back on their cute little feet soon. You sound like such a terrific and loving mother :)

Stephanie Pass said...

I'm so sorry they are all so sick. I had that horrific blistered ear infection as a 12 year old -- not fun. My mom ended up taking me to the ENT doc every few days to get it suctioned out. I lost about 20% of my hearing because of it.

Piper said...

Hang in there! Love on them sick babies and hopefully they will all be well soon!

Amy @ The Happy Scraps said...

Thinking of you and your family, and I sure hope everyone gets feeling better soon! Having everyone sick and causing lack of sleep is SO hard!! I hope you've gotten more sleep in the last few days.


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