White Tulle Winter Wreath

Before I decorate for Valentine’s Day I wanted to make some things for Winter/January. I thought a new wreath was in store and came up with this fun White Tulle Winter Wreath.

Winter Wreath (12) copy

I love the burlap bubble wreaths that are popping up everywhere and the fun designs you can make with the fabric and decided to try it with some white tulle that I had. I cut pieces of tulle into 4-5” x 12” pieces, folded them over themselves and using straight pins, pinned them onto my foam wreath form. Then I puffed them up a little bit. I kept going until I had the fullness that I wanted.

I made and added a simple silver bow to add some sparkle and was done! I love how simple and pretty it is – just the look I was going for.

Winter Wreath (16) copy



Amy C said...

So Cute Amanda!! I love the puffiness of this, you got it just right! :)

Piper said...

Very pretty...You could add pink & red for a quick valentine wreath!


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