Leave of Absence

I am sure you all didn’t really need this post to realize that I am taking a leave of absence from the blog scene… but I thought I would make it all “official.” I have sat down to write a “good-bye” to blogging post a couple times but I just cannot bring myself to go through with it - which tells me that I am not ready to quit blogging but the fact that I cannot get my act together lately tells me that I should. Rather than being a “Debbie-downer” and listing off a depressing reasons of why I need a blogging break – I’m going to tell you a few of things I am going to do in my much needed break!

1. Love on my kiddos! They are only going to be small for so long and I don’t want to miss anything!
2. Spend quality time with my husband
3. Render more service to others.
4. Create just for me!
5. Organize my Life
6. Lose some much needed “baby fat!”
7. Invite the Spirit into my home
8. Work on strengthening other talents
9. Develop a better Lifestyle
10. Find the Joy in everyday!

I hope you don’t delete me! I will be back in a little while refreshed and ready to go again!



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