Wooden Happy Birthday Banner and Party Sign + Giveaway

Hey friends! I have a fun little tutorial for a wooden Happy Birthday banner and sign for you guys today! . I was invited by The Wood Connection to browse their store and pick out a few items for this project. The Wood Connection has these fun little wooden pennants in a few different shapes and I totally fell in love with them and the possibilities! I am a huge birthday party girl so what better than a Happy Birthday Banner with a sign pointing the way to the party!

Head on over to The Wood Connection (they ship!) and pick up your favorite pennants and other wooden items and lets get started making your own super cute and totally darling banner! Oh! and don’t forget to grab all your paper, paint, ribbon and anything else you might need – they have it all!

First things first: Sand all your items and then paint the backs and sides in your coordinating colors – I did mine all white.

When my paint was dry, I used my Xacto knife and the pennants to cut out my paper. I didn’t take a picture, but I simply used the wood pieces as templates and cut them out. When you do this make sure the paper and wood piece is forward facing (and don’t slice your fingers!) If you do the trace and cut method – make sure everything is backward.

When everything is cut out and dry, use spray adhesive to adhere your paper to the wooden surface. I bought my can at Home Depot a couple years ago and have used it for numerous projects. It is so simple to use: just spray it on the wood and apply your paper… and your done!

Wooden Happy Birthday Banner (2) copy

Then you will have a nice little pile of pretty pennants and sign pieces.

After I had my paper glued on, I used the Xacto knife again and cut off any pieces that overhung the wood so it won’t rip or tear off. Using a brad poker (you could use a large yarn needle) I poked the paper out of the holes (so I can thread them) and applied my vinyl letters.

Last but not least – I used red yarn and double threaded the banner together and then simply added all sorts of fun ribbon to the banner.

I am totally and completely in love with it! It turned out perfect and I love that I can use it for anyone’s birthday!

I made the party sign the same way: painted. traced. sprayed. applied. touched up. applied vinyl. BUT…. for the balloon party, I wrapped ribbon around the balloon and hot glued on a cute yellow button – then using wood glue I glued on the balloon and glued the whole sign onto the stake (which I painted yellow!!)

Party sign (1) copy

I am so excited about these fun birthday decorations and wish someone would have a birthday so I can use them!!

If you want to make a banner too…. You are in luck! It just so happens that I have a $25 gift card for one lucky winner!
The giveaway starts now and ends on Sunday, April 28th at Midnight.I will pick the winner on Monday. US residents only!
Good Luck!

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Hanging Framed Monogram {Home Décor}

Last summer I shared with you how I was ready to be done trying to be something I am not and go back to my roots when it comes to the colors in  my home. You can find that little nugget here! So this past weekend I was cleaning stuff up and organizing a few things and I happened upon a monogram door hanger I made a couple years ago. When I made it I totally loved it but as my taste reverted back to my “go-to” colors it went into storage… until this weekend when it got a fun little face lift!

Hanging Framed Monogram copy

I found this fun paper in my stash and love that it features some of my favorite colors for decorating! Navy, Red, Yellow, Orange and even has some Green mixed in there a little bit! I simply traced and cut the letter out, used spray adhesive to apply the paper to the wooden letter and used orange and yellow ribbon to tie it onto the navy blue frame! You can find a full tutorial here.

hanging framed monogram (4) copy

I am loving this new version and added flare it brings to my front door! Just in time for Spring (if it would ever stop snowing and the sunshine would appear!)


Embroidered Bath Towels {Kids}

As you all know, we added a new little one to our family last fall – so babies and baby projects have been on my mind a lot lately. One of my favorite times of the day is when I pull my happy and clean baby from the tub and snuggle his wet little body up in a big white fluffy towel. I love soft white towels – there is something so clean and refreshing about white – and a fun way to make it your own is to personalize it with your baby’s name!

embroidered bath towels (12)

A friend of mine gave me a hooded towel with my kids name on them for a baby shower and I thought it was such a great idea that when my third baby was born, I had towels with each kids name made – all in different colors. I love to snuggle my babies in these big fluffy personalized embroidered towels as much as my older kids love to wrap up in their own towels. It is so fun for me to see how happy they are to have their own little towel and to get excited to have it. I bought some big nice towels and had a local company embroider their names onto them. I picked the color and the font and asked that the letters be about 3 inched tall. I love the way they turned out and love seeing how much my children enjoy them.

embroidered bath towels (3)

A fun idea for any new mommy-to-be would be to make a fun little Bubbly Bath Bucket featuring the embroidered towel and then adding in your favorite baby baths and bath toys and any other fun “bath” items. Put them all into a fun little bucket and add a big ole’ bow and watch how happy the new mommy-to-be will be with a cute towel featuring her baby’s name!

These would also be fun birthday gifts or would be perfect for a baptism gift!



Fete Des Fleurs {Fashion}

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in really quick and let you know that Shabby Apple is coming out with a darling new line of dresses that are perfect for Spring and Summer! The new line is called Fete des Fleurs and is completely darling! Here is just a small taste of a few of my favorite Dresses from Shabby Apple from the collection!

Orchid dressAmaryllis dressBloom skirts
Orchid – Amaryllis -  Bloom Skirt

The colors fit in perfect with the colors that are totally hot right now (aqua, green, coral!) and I love the fit of each of these! Head on over to look at the darling collection and pick up your favorite dress for your spring and summer special occasions!

Dresses from Shabby Apple



Vegetable and Chicken Stir Fry {Recipes}

Do you need a quick and easy dinner idea?
Something healthy?
Have a ton of veggies to get rid of before they go bad?

Then I have the perfect recipe for you today!

Vegetable and Chicken Stir Fry

Shredded Carrots
Bell Peppers
Water Chestnuts
Large Chicken Breast
Soy Sauce
Pam Cooking Spray
White or Brown Rice

Using either a wok or a large pan with a lid – spray the pan with Pam. Chop your thawed out chicken into bite size cubes and add it to the pan with a teaspoon of soy sauce. Sauté over medium heat. Add your veggies as you see fit. I like to add the ones that need to cook a bit longer first and work my way down from there. I usually add broccoli, celery, carrots and peppers first – then squash, zucchini, chestnuts and mushrooms. Add the veggies that you love! Sometimes I will put bean sprouts in too! This is perfect for getting rid of veggies before they go bad in a healthy and delish way! I add about 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce with my veggies. Then I put the lid on and sort of “steam” the veggies so they don’t get too mushy. When your veggies are the firmness you like – dish them up over rice and enjoy!


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