Hanging Framed Monogram {Home Décor}

Last summer I shared with you how I was ready to be done trying to be something I am not and go back to my roots when it comes to the colors in  my home. You can find that little nugget here! So this past weekend I was cleaning stuff up and organizing a few things and I happened upon a monogram door hanger I made a couple years ago. When I made it I totally loved it but as my taste reverted back to my “go-to” colors it went into storage… until this weekend when it got a fun little face lift!

Hanging Framed Monogram copy

I found this fun paper in my stash and love that it features some of my favorite colors for decorating! Navy, Red, Yellow, Orange and even has some Green mixed in there a little bit! I simply traced and cut the letter out, used spray adhesive to apply the paper to the wooden letter and used orange and yellow ribbon to tie it onto the navy blue frame! You can find a full tutorial here.

hanging framed monogram (4) copy

I am loving this new version and added flare it brings to my front door! Just in time for Spring (if it would ever stop snowing and the sunshine would appear!)


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