Etched Root Beer Mug {Gift Idea!}

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Father’s Day is coming up next month and I have been thinking about handmade ideas for my dad and my husband. Sometimes it is hard to come up with a handmade items for the boys since usually men aren’t “crafty!” I was in the store the other day and saw some bottles of Dad’s Root Beer and the gift just came together in my head – How about a personalized root beer float!?! I knew the Martha Stewart Crafts would be perfect for this project!

I used the Martha Stewart glass etching cream to make etch “Dad’s” onto the ginormous mug I found! The etching part was so easy and worked liked a charm.

How to etch glass
In 6 easy steps you can etch your own glass as well:
1. Pick your lettering Stencil – and peel off a little bit of the border for a straight line.
2. Apply your straight line – using a tape measure to make sure it’s straight.
3. Apply your stencil letters.
4. Spread your Martha Stewart Etching cream EVENLY into your stencil – using your glass paint brushes.
5. Wait 15 minutes and peel off the stencil.
6. Wash off the extra cream and ENJOY!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!


Martha Stewart Crafts has a whole line of glass paint, etching cream, stencils and brushes at Michaels to pick from. One of my concerns was that I would only be able to uses the stencil one time… but nope! They are adhesive backed and are sort of plastic-y so they cleaned up perfect and applied back onto the sheet as if I hadn’t even used them. I love that!!

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Laura Bray said...

Dads are so hard to shop for....thanks for this great idea. I just might do it for my dad!

Unknown said...

Yours is definitely one of my favorites from the group! Dads are hard to buy for especially when they don't fish or golf.


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