Love for Lilies

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There is always an occasion for a girl to recieve a bouquet of amazing flowers - whether it be Mother's Day (coming up!), birthdays, anniversaries, or just because you're loved!  I love getting flowers of all kinds - but I admit, getting an arrangement where I know my husband was thinking "outside" the box is even better! Which is why I love the idea of lilies, gladiolus and irises instead of picking up some plain jane roses. 

Lilies, gladiolus and irises make beautiful arrangements for your home and add much needed color so easily and with minimal effort! They brighten up any space and can make anyone happy! Why wait for your significant other to purchase some flowers?? Head out right now and pick up some fun arrangements for each room in your home! I love the many different colors and styles each one comes in. I also adore how many different looks you can create simply by adding a few fun colors to a simple clear vase with some ribbon! 

These fun flowers come in potted bulbs as well. Buying potted bulbs is a great gift idea for women who want the beauty of flowers but don't want to take care of them. Not sure what potted bulbs are? They are lilies, gladiolus and irises (and others) that you can plant in darling little pots inside your home and will bloom for a period of time. The best part is... when they have died back inside, you can replant them in another pot for next year or take them out to your garden to enjoy every Spring. I think it is such a great idea to watch them pop up every spring and have that bright little reminder of the reason you received them in the first place. And when they bloom... why not cut off a few and bring them inside? You can find potted bulbs at grocery stores, garden centers and flower shops. 

Visit this Pinterest page for more bulb inspiration and ideas!

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