The End

I have thought long and hard about this decision and I feel like it is time to say goodbye from Every Creative Endeavor. I would say "bomb dropped" but with my lack of posting and enthusiasm lately you all probably saw the end coming a mile away!

While I was at SNAP a couple months ago I felt like now was the time for me to let go of this blog and move onto something I have been thinking about for a while. SNAP was really inspiring for me this year and I felt like ideas and thoughts just kept coming the whole entire time!

When I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing... if you could see behind the scenes and see how jumbled everything is on my end you would totally agree. There have been so many times that I have just wanted to start over and do it "right." So I am...

I am starting over, but not alone this time! I approached my husband with a few ideas and he is on board with those ideas (and a few of his own) as we begin a new chapter and a new website/blog called The Contractor Chronicles. It will be a Husband and Wife website full of Do-It-Yourself Material.

We have been actively working on the new site and new content the past month and hope to launch on the 9th of September. That seems so far away but the summer is really busy for us and we didn't want to "overload" our already full schedule.

I hope you will join the Contractor and I as we embark on our new adventure together. I am really excited about this new website as it will combine the things I love and I hope to get rid of the "torn" feeling I felt as I plugged away on this site.

I will not be deleting Every Creative Endeavor so you will still have that as a reference for any of my projects or recipes. However,  I am going to be moving all my social media over to the new site. Since there will not be anymore updates on the ECE twitter accounts and Facebook accounts... and since I still love all my followers/readers and hope you will follow me as I make this move... I figured I would take you with me and we can all start fresh and new together!

Thank you so much for reading me and encouraging me and being my friends! I love you guys!



Collapsible Growth Chart

Good morning and happy June! Sorry I disappeared for a few weeks – I have been so busy with my three little ones and my wonderful husband that blogging and crafting sort of took a big backseat! I felt like I was playing catch up and then finally just threw it out the window and decided that it was more important to play with my kids during the day and didn’t worry about it anymore. If my kids are like yours – then they are all growing faster than weeds and it sort of makes me want to burst into tears in a “I love that they are growing and learning new things and becoming their own people but its happening so quickly I might lock them up forever” kind of way. I am sure you all understand! So speaking of growing and getting bigger – I finally made a project that has been on my list for a while -

A Collapsible Growth Chart

Collapsible Growth Chart (19) copy

Growing up my family had a wall in our house where we would measure how tall we were. It was always so fun to see how much we had grown. But then we remodeled… and moved and the wall went away… as did our “growth chart.” I wanted something for my kids that could move with us but was still simple and easy to store. The collapsible growth chart is perfect because it simply folds in half and you can store it away.

Collapsible Growth Chart (20) copy

Using items I already had around my house I whipped this up in an afternoon. It was really pretty simple and I love the way it turned out.

Make A Collapsible Growth Chart

  • Cut a 6 foot pine board in half
  • Stain (or paint) the two boards your preferred color
  • Attach the boards together using piano hinges.
  • Use a measuring tape and mark your feet, halves, fourths, eighths and sixteenths
  • Use a permanent marker and draw your lines to the length you want using a ruler.
  • Add your vinyl numbers and a cute quote if you want and your done!

Collapsible Growth Chart (13) copy

I picked up my hinges at Home Depot. They come in a set of two and include the screws. I attached them to the back so when the chart is open there is a simple little seam that you can hardly notice.

I wanted to keep the chart simple but also wanted it to have a little bit of personality. I love quotes and thought it would be fun to add one about growing and came across this one.

“It take courage to grow up and become who you really are.” by e.e. cummings.

I love it for a lot of different reasons but mostly because the world we live in is scary and it will be hard for my kids to grow up in this day and age and make good choices and decisions when the world tells them not too. I want them to know they are brave to stand up for what they believe and I hope I can teach them that early on in life and pray they remember it always!

Collapsible Growth Chart (4) copy

How do you guys document your kids growth… or do you? Do you have a wall like we did? or do you do it some other way?



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